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Posted: Mar 27 2014


Hello everyone!


If you were one of the lucky readers that caught my first ever blog post it was all about how the new and unstoppable Girls on the Go (GOTG) team was preparing to take over the world! And let me tell you, us GOTGs have been go-go-GOING nonstop since I clicked “post” last December 11th. Here are the highlights of our big GOTG adventures thus far:


#1: Jennifer got MARRIED in Costa Rica in a beautiful island ceremony, Congrats Jenn!!
#2: The GOTG team had a blast displaying at the Los Angeles Designers & Agents showcase in January
#3 The girls explored all over Southern California meeting wholesale clients and some amazing people
#4 We've been up to some mischief, plotting plans for San Francisco
#5 Jennifer traveled to India for a Harvard Business School reunion
(Notice the picture of Jenn playing Elephant Polo in the Royal Palace Polo fields in Jaipur)
#6 We stumbled upon a few wineries… naturally.
#7 I even ventured across the USA to Atlanta & South Carolina 

…And those were just the highlights! Now that you’ve gotten an idea of where the team has been over the past few months… I can also give you an idea of where Jennifer Croll & Co. is heading in the future! First, we’ll start with #4 because I can’t give you much more details than what's written above… but just know that we’re plotting for something in the city! Next up, Jenn went to India for her Harvard business school reunion and came back with some awesome stories and new rockin’ business plans! There are a ton of exciting changes happening at Jennifer Croll & Co. so stayed tuned for weekly blog updates detailing the progress!


(And if you haven’t heard… we’re giving out $100 credit to anyone that likes our Facebook page! *Limited time only, rules & restrictions apply)

Thanks so much for reading,

Sarah Marshall

Director of Marketing


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