Join the GirlsontheGo: Host your own Jennifer Croll Trunk Show!

Posted: Apr 01 2014

Happy April Fools Day!

We here at Jennifer Croll & Co. like to think that we are no fools and that's why we want to spread the word about how you can join the #GOTG fam and host your own Jennifer Croll Trunk Show! But first, a little background on how this program got its start... For those of you who don’t know Jenn personally: I will tell you that she is yes, a tornado, but one that is so hyper focused on family, business and giving back to others with an energy that snowballs into these big & beautiful plans for total world domination. This focus and drive has inspired her the next phase of our GOTG team expansion!

Jennifer Croll & Co. will be launching a host your own “Girls on the Go Trunk Show” program very soon! This program aims to spread fun, fashion, and philanthropy by empowering woman to be self-sufficient and happy while also giving back to a cause that is close to their hearts! We will be launching an online and in-person campaign to recruit like-minded GOTGs around the country to host official Jennifer Croll Trunk Shows! A portion of all profits will go to a charity of the hosts choosing! We are so excited to launch this “Girls on the Go Trunk Show” program and start expanding our GOTG family! (Find out more about hosting your own trunk show here)


Thanks so much for reading & until next time,

Sarah Marshall

Director of Marketing


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