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Posted: Dec 11 2013


Jennifer Croll (my new boss) created her brand with the 'girl on the go' in mind. And as the ultimate GOTG herself, Jenn definitely knew what she was doing. Many people who have met Jennifer would lovingly refer to her as …a tornado. That tornado is exactly how I've ended up on the opposite end of California from a corporate office in sunny Newport Beach to this chic boutique in quaint Los Gatos. As I sit here developing my first retail website and writing this blog post, I can't help but laugh about the sequence of events that has changed my life dramatically. 

Let me start by introducing you to the second tornado in this story, Shay Bolton. I met Shay on our freshman spring break in San Carlos, Mexico. We then ended up traveling the world together on Semester at Sea which took us to eleven different countries over the course of four months. Choosing Shay as my cabin-mate might have been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Why you ask? Shay, being the dynamic force of nature that she is, actually saved my life on multiple occasions. First, she rescued me from a crowd of over enthusiastic merchants in a packed Marrakech market, and then again from a hoard of rickshaw drivers in Chennai, India. 

The tornados that are Jennifer and Shay collided about a month ago when they met in Arizona where Shay was working as an event sales executive. A few hours after their first encounter, I received an interesting phone call. "Sarah. It's Shay, I can't really talk right now we're running to catch a plane but book a ticket to San Francisco this weekend, I found us new jobs." Click. That was it. I had no clue what to make of that phone call, but my logic boiled down to this: I trusted Shay with my life... because duh, she's already saved it. So just like that I booked my ticket. All I could do at that point was play the waiting game until Shay called me back with much needed details.

Long story short I played hooky from work on Thursday and Friday and flew up to interview with my new boss and best friend. We formed the unstoppable #GOTG team and put together our plans to take the fashion world by storm. Ultimately, Shay was named Director of Sales and I became Director of Marketing. After a whirlwind weekend we flew back to our respective homes, quit our office jobs, and proceeded to over pack our bags to fly north for the winter. 

Follow this blog to keep up to date on the latest & greatest fashion industry trends as well as updates from Jennifer Croll and more. And of course, more ridiculous antics from the #GOTG team. 


The #GOTG team


  • Posted by Janet Dashiell on February 07, 2014

    WOW! I can’t wait for your next installment – keep that tornado whirling!!!

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